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The 18th Mengly J. Quach Spelling Bee Elimination Round

ការប្រកួតប្រកបពាក្យ ម៉េងលីជេ គួចលើកទី១៨ វគ្គជម្រុះ

A contest is an extra-curricular activity that gives a chance to students to challenge and develop themselves to another level. Aii Language Center, Phsar Thmey Campus, held the Elimination Round of the 18th Mengly J. Quach Spelling Bee to find the best contestants. However, the main purpose of joining the contest is not always about […]

American Pronunciation Workshop


We express our gratitude to Mr. Sochiat Lee for investing his valuable time in sharing his knowledge on English pronunciation. His 35 years of experience in linguistic research have yielded the “24 Hours English: Pronunciation 101” which made him the first Cambodian author to publish an American pronunciation book. We are delighted to have his […]

Phonetics Workshop 1 for Level Starter Students

ការធ្វើបទបង្ហាញពីរបៀបបញ្ចេញសំលេងសម្រាបកម្រិត Starter and Intro 1

សិក្ខាសាលាស្តី ពីការបញ្ចេញសំលេង មានគោលបំណងផ្តល់ចំណេះដឹង និងការយល់ដឹង ពីរបៀបបង្កើតសំលេងនៃពាក្យមួយ។ ដោយសារវាជាមូលដ្ឋានគ្រឹះក្នុងការទទួលបានភាសាថ្មី សិស្សដែលសិក្សានៅកម្រិតទាប (Starter & Intro 1) រៀនពី របៀបបញ្ចេញសំលេងពាក្យ នៅក្រោមការណែនាំច្បាស់លាស់របស់គ្រូរបស់ពួកគេ។

Presentation Skills and Speaking in front of an Audience Workshop

សិក្ខាសាលាអំពី “ជំនាញក្នុងការធ្វើបទបង្ហាញ” ដល់សិស្សានុសិស្សកម្រិត 7b

Learning to be a confident speaker takes time and practice. Many of our students are well spoken and have the confidence to deliver speeches with excellent natural ability. However, this was not instantaneous, rather, this was a culmination of hard work from the students as well as the teachers. At Aii, we are serious about […]